Our Janitorial Cleaning and Maintenance services covers the following…




Lobby Cleaning

Hallway cleaning

Window Cleaning

Post Construction Clean-up

and more…



Physician Offices

Offices Spaces

Daycare Centers


Dialysis Centers

Private Schools

and more…



Warehouse Offices

Meeting Spaces

Inside Truck Disinfecting

School Bus Disinfecting

Building Maintenance

And more…


is a fully Insured, Certified and Professional Janitorial and Cleaning Service provider, offering tailored service to our different clients based on their specific needs and industries.


Through innovation and Technology, we will provide the best cleaning services to complete your project with 100% satisfaction. Our EXPERT personnel is trained, certified and experienced in each of their respective cleaning services. We re-train, re-certify and continuously educate our staff on the latest requirements, government certifications and industry technology and solutions to make sure that we are using the best possible tools for your project.

We are providing the following cleaning services

Floor Care – Hard Surfaces

Carpeted Floor Care

Restroom Cleaning

High-Touch point cleaning

Vent to Floor Cleaning

And more...

WE ARE CERTIFIED for the following

Chemical and Biowaste

Medical and Health Facilities

General Office Cleaning

We follow very strict standards and are certified for

General Safety Protocols for Cleaning Crews

Red Cross Blood Pathogen Certified

OSHA Certified

We are proud to only use Green Eco-Friendly solutions that are CDC recommended and EPA approved. It does help eliminate exposure of your staff and equipment to harsh toxic cleaning chemicals, promoting a clean and safe environment.

Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have any concerns? Common questions asked by people are listed below

Our staff are friendly professionals certified in their respective cleaning environments. We screen, select and train our staff consistently and also supervise them daily. We will send the same team to your place each time we clean.

Depending on which service you select and if the cleaning will be on an ongoing basis for weekly, monthly or yearly service contracts, we will adjust our service start times accordingly. Usually we do 1-time per week, 3-time per week, 5-time per week contracts, which we will start at the time most convenient to you. We also have a 7-time per week service if needed.

We are tailoring our services to your specific needs, so we will meet with you to discuss the scope of work, frequency per week and areas that need special attention and then we will be able to provide the best possible price to you based on all factors listed.

Our staff will be professionally dressed but more importantly they will wear our shirts, jackets, sweatshirts with our company logo on it. A second way of identifying is that we will send you’re an email the day before our appointment, either for the estimate or doing the actual job, where we will let you know the name of the staff member and they also will provide you with an Identification card.